Welcome to my page! My name is Abby Riggleman and I attend James Madison University. I take classes focused on my major of Media Arts and Design. The Digital Video and Cinema concentration helps me develop practical skills in converging media of high definition television and film. I am currently taking courses in writing, production and post-production, while focusing on a critical understanding of how those media are used to tell stories, convey information and persuade audiences. I graduate in May 2016 and will be looking to pursue a job in the film or television industry. Below is more information about what I have accomplished outside of the classroom.

To develop my skills I interned at DIGICO, a video production service located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Here I gained professional experience by immersing myself in the media world. I also completed a study abroad in Urbino, Italy. There I helped create a 25 minute video travel magazine where I also starred as a host. Last summer, I interned at Circle of Confusion in Los Angeles, California. There I learned so much about the entertainment industry and the inner-workings. This past year I created a documentary with four other students that has won several awards. Take a look at my portfolio page to look at these projects!