Won’t Pipe Down

My family’s property and business are on the potential route for the Atlantic Coast Natural Gas Pipeline. I teamed up with Marley McDonald, Dan McNew and Art Pekun to make a film concentrating on property rights and corporate eminent domain actions. “Won’t Pipe Down” is a short documentary presenting the definitive David versus Goliath battle between the residents of Nelson County, Virginia and the Dominion Power company. This inside look at the community and their fight against the ACP raises questions about environmental justice, property rights, and individual rights. Look for Won’t Pipe Down in a city near you  with the Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival in 2016

Visit http://www.wontpipedown.com for more information.

Cycle Nelson

My company, Black Match Productions, created a promotional tourism video for Nelson County, Virginia, highlighting the growing craft beer, wine and spirits seen in this scenic county. This video premiered at the FanFest International Cycle competition in Richmond, Virginia in 2015.

Urbino Now

Collaborated with a student production team of six to conceptualize, produce and edit the Urbino Now Video travel magazine published through IEI media. In this video, I produced the and starred in the host segments.

Birrificio Pergolese

This video is the segment I produced for the Urbino Now video travel magazine in addition to producing and starring in the host segments.

Silverback Distillery Bottle Reveal

My family owns a distillery and I created a short promotional video featuring our bottles of Beingei Vodka and Strange Monkey Gin. Check out http://www.sbdistillery.com for information on this outstanding products.